A listening heart

December 7, 2018 edition; serial number: 1482. ‘The Cross of Benin’, a weekly publication of the Catholic Church ‘Jesus is asking us to straighten our pathways’, reads the headline. This article which speaks to our Christian hearts and minds, is based upon a statement by John-the-Baptist: Speaking of our Lord Christ Jesus, John-the-Baptist said: “He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and the Fire”. It’s the Word of God, no doubt about it! What then should we do? Let’s once again listen to John-the-Baptist: ‘Let the person who owns two pieces of cloth, share them with those who do not have any… And let the person who has enough food to eat, share it with those who do not have anything to eat’. We all have items at home or in our cupboard that we are not using. But once we step outside our compound, we see so many wretched people who have nothing to wear or eat. We do not need to watch television to know that. We can see it for ourselves, right there in our own neighborhood. The poor people are sitting at our doorstep. Surely we are not the rich people who are blindfolded by their wealth. So let’s start giving, as the song says.

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